Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sally Draper-Woman of Steel

I love Sally Draper. Sally is the 11-year-old the daughter of Don Draper on the AMC show Mad Men. Sally is a silent sufferer dealing with an absentee father and an emotionally distant mother in the midst of divorce. She has the face of an angel and an outer armor of steel. Your heart bleeds for her as she struggles to find security at home with her newly re-married mother and stepfather. Sally wants to be with Don, who is the more loving parent, but is rejected by him because of his busy life and fear of responsibility. This past  season was set in the year 1965. There has been much speculation as to what will happen to Sally in the upcoming seasons. Will she run away and hitchhike to San Francisco for the Summer of Love? Will she get involved with an older man with the sensibilities of her dad? Will she run off to L.A. and become a dancer at Whiskey-A-Go-Go? Will she finally explode and push her hateful mother down a flight of stairs? It is not looking good for little Sally Draper.

Tough Sally

Sweet rosebud PJs

Pink satin quilted robe- the envy of all girls in the 60's.

Sad tutu Sally

Sally in gold. I bet she had gold knee socks, too.

Poor little Sally at her first appointment with a shrink- without her mom.
Betty Draper sucks.
Thank goodness for Carla the babysitter.

Cable knit cardigan with Peter Pan collar blouse.

Making an impression at the step-grandparents.

Sally's plaid jumper with crisp white blouse. The quintessential school dress.

Look at that face. Love the toggle car coat.

Don could be Sally's saving grace.

Notice her sweet little necklace. I bet it was a mustard seed, so popular in the Sixties.

I love this springy floral shift. Very Lily Pulitzer.

Sally Draper's fashions are spot-on for a girl in 1965 and bring back memories of our "tween" wardrobes in the Sixties.

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